Medical Illumination ExceLED LED Surgical Light Single Ceiling Mount | XLD-SC

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Medical Illumination ExceLED LED Surgical Light Single Ceiling Mount | XLD-SC

Medical Illumination ExceLED LED Surgical Light Single Ceiling Mount: XLD-SC.   The MI-1000 LED Surgical Light from Medical Illumination features exceptional quality, energy-efficient operation, and cool, bright output.  It provides a white, bright light from multiple LED spots, thus enabling excellent shadow control,

Additional Features:  The XLD has an improved level of tissue rendition for your exams or minor procedures. Reliable - Lighting equipment (excluding replacement parts) has a three year limited warranty.  Long-life LED's rated up to 50,000 hours and is convenient as there are no replacement bulbs or fused necessary resulting in lower overall maintenance costs.  With a variety of mounting options, the MI-1000 is unquestionably the best value available for those seeking the latest technology in medical lighting.  Model Number: XLD-SC.

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  • Very Low Heat
  • High Efficiency
  • Half the Electric Consumption of Standard Halogen Lights
  • Long Life L.E.D.s
  • 4300 Kelvin Color Temperature
  • 100,000 Lux
  • Available in All 21st Century Series Mounting Options
  • 5 - Stage Dimming and On/Off Switch Controlled
  • 3 - Year Limited Warranty

*Note: For all ceiling and track mount lights, correct ceiling rod length must be determined at time of order.  Choose from 16", 25", or 35" ceiling rods, at no extra charge. 

  • Light Intensity at 1 MTR: 100,000 lux
  • 4300° Kelvin Color Temperature
  • Rated Bulb Life: 50,000 hours
  • Field Size at 1 MTR: 6" Diameter
  • Diameter: 18" diameter, Multi-Faceted
  • Sterilizable Handle: Standard
  • Arm Length: 38.5"
  • Vertical Arm Movement: +/- 40 degrees
  • Weight: Head approximately 13.5 lbs
  • Weight: Arm approximately 12.5 lbs
  • Weight: Single Ceiling Mount: 14.5 lbs

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