How to Live a Normal Life as a Nurse

Struggling your way through nursing school, you told yourself that you could have a life on the other side. And then you got that nursing license and were met with the extreme physical demands and taxing schedules that come with the profession. So much for your social life.

Just like their counterparts in nursing schools, nurses struggle to maintain a healthy balance of work and social life. And a lot of nurses just don’t find that balance and have a lonely existence. But that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them.

How? Well, just like anything else you want to accomplish in life, you have to go about it with purpose. If not, your social life will fall victim to your tired feet and late shifts.


You likely have goals established for your nursing career. But what about your personal life? Do you know what it is you want to achieve there? If not, you should.

How can you expect to hit a target if you aren’t even looking at it? Whether it to be train for a marathon or travel more, your goals should be a solid plan and not an abstract thought of possibilities. Possibilities is where the words “someday I will” live.


Regardless of your schedule – even if you’re saddled with the dreaded swing shift – you will have some days off. You need to make the most of those precious days. In most cases, that will take planning, especially since your family and friends will likely not be on the same schedule as you. When you get your schedule, sit down with your friends and put dates on the calendar. Leave the pencils at home. You’re writing in ink. You need to plan the rest of your life around these plans with friends.


Being on a different shift than your family and friends can have its benefits. You can have special me days without the guilt of leaving everyone home alone. Spend a day off doing all the things you love to do. Eat at your favorite restaurant, hit the gym, hit the trail, catch a movie, get your nails done. Whatever you want. It’s your day.


When your shift ends, you just want to go home and relax. But that’s not always the best answer. If your friends are meeting for drinks after work, ignore your aching feet and join them.  In most cases, you’ll be happy you did and will probably even be more relaxed than if you went home.


You can reclaim your social life with four simple words: “Make it a priority.” If you don’t, no one else will.

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