Steris Operating Tables

Steris operating tables are recognized as one of the most reliable and well-made surgical tables on the market today.  Steris offers surgical tables for a variety of procedures, including multi-specialty surgical tables, bariatric surgical tables, and urology surgical tables.

Steris Operating Tables Overview

Steris operating tables have wired hand controls for remote control operation. Most surgical table models also have batteries onboard for DC operation, eliminating the need to plug the table in during surgery, thus eliminating trip hazards in the operating room.  Steris OR tables feature North American side rails, which accept most common accessories, including Clarke sockets, arm boards, anesthesia screens, stirrups, etc. Electro-hydraulic floor locks on later model Steris surgical tables provide ease of locking and leveling the table in preparation for surgery. Steris operating tables have an appealing modern design that fits well into any OR environment.

Past models include the Steris / Amsco 3080, Steris / Amsco 3085, Steris 4085, Steris 5085, Steris CMax, Steris Orthovision, and others.

Steris Operating Table Maintenance

Steris operating tables are relatively easy for a qualified technician to maintain and provide years of reliable use. Most parts are readily available from Steris for most models in case there is a failure.

Other competitors with similar surgery tables are Skytron, Maquet, Eschmann, Berchtold and Trumpf.