Biolight AnyView Modular Patient Monitor: A5

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Biolight AnyView Modular Patient Monitor: A5. The Biolight A5 patient monitor is versatile.  The A5 can be utilized in virtually any area of your healthcare facility.  The large 13.75″ TFT Color Display makes viewing patient data easy.  The Biolight A5 comes standard with the EMS1 parameter module.

Additional Features: EMS1 Parameter Module includes the following parameters: ECG (3 or 5 lead), BLT Digital SpO2, NIBP, Pulse Rate, Temp, Invasive BP (x2). The EMS-1 also features a 3.5″ color display and backup battery. When the module is disconnected from the docking port on the A5, the patient can continue to be monitored while being transported.  A built-in battery and an onboard thermal printer round out the A5 as one of the most versatile and well-equipped patient monitoring solutions on the market today. In addition, many additional and upgraded parameters are available for the Biolight A series monitors, including Nellcor and Masimo SpO2, CO, EtCo2, Multi-Gas (5 agent monitoring), 12 lead ECG, and more!  Wall mounts and mobile stands are available.

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  • Global-Leading all-in-one module with display
  • Built-in battery and thermal printer
  • The standard model includes EMS1 Module with BLT Digital SpO2, Pulse Rate, ECG (3 or 5 Lead), NIBP
  • Large, Anti-glare color TFT-LCD display
  • Powerful measurement, ergonomic and flexible design
  • Fanless cooling system, which keeps the monitor working quietly
  • Dozens of parameters available with a variety of modules assembled as needed
  • Easily upgradeable, saving potential monitor replacement cost
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Patient Monitor Size: 13.75″H × 13.5″W × 8.5″ D
  • Weight: ≤15 lbs.
  • Screen: Anti-glare color TFT-LCD display

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