About us

Our Story...

In the mid-1980’s, John Pritchard, Sr. purchased an unfamiliar piece of medical equipment from a local auction. He was a firefighter, but during his days off he would dabble in buying and reselling surplus items, but never before medical equipment. He proceeded to sell the item for a profit and thus began what is now, some 35 years later, Venture Medical ReQuip, Inc., one of the nation’s premier new and refurbished medical equipment dealers.

Venture Medical has progressed and grown over the years through integrity, attention to details and treating the customer the way we would want to be treated. A family run company, Venture Medical believes in the core values of any family run organization.

Venture Medical is proud to have a team of individuals that believe in the same principles as its founder has.

Venture Medical resides in a 18,000 square foot facility in Tampa, Florida. Whether you need quality, professionally refurbished equipment, new equipment, or repair and safety testing services, Venture Medical is ready to assist.

Contact us today and find out why the right choice is Venture Medical.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very best new and refurbished medical equipment and service to our customer without sacrificing quality, while always mindful of patient and staff safety.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to grow our reach and establish the benchmark for how preowned equipment should be refurbished. With great attention to detail and the knowledge behind us, we are ready to lead the way to a new standard.

Our Values

Our values are simple, and the values that any company should hold. Honesty, Integrity, and Value. As a family owned company, we believe that these core beliefs are the cornerstone for a successful, long-lasting business model.