In the mid-1980’s, John Pritchard, Sr. purchased an unfamiliar piece of medical equipment from a local auction. He was a firefighter, but during his days off he would dabble in buying and reselling surplus items. Never before had he purchased surplus medical equipment. He proceeded to sell the item for a profit and thus began what is now, some 30+ years later, Venture Medical ReQuip, Inc., one of the nation’s premier new and refurbished medical equipment dealers.

Medical Equipment for Sale by Venture Medical

Venture Medical ReQuip is an industry leader in supplying ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals and medical offices with quality new, refurbished and used medical equipment. With our vast resources and knowledge we can assist your facility from start to finish.

Whether it is a single item, turn-key setup, biomedical services, rentals, accreditation consulting, or medical facility planning and design, Venture Medical ReQuip can help with your medical equipment needs.

Venture Medical ReQuip has been supplying surgical centers and hospitals with new, refurbished and used medical equipment for over 20 years.

New, Refurbished & Used Medical Equipment Products and Services

Our reputation, integrity, attention to detail, and knowledge set us apart from the competition. Venture Medical can save you time, money and headaches by providing you with helpful strategies for fitting new, refurbished and used medical equipment to your budget. Our medical equipment consultation service is the first step in the right direction to get your ASC up and running.

We also highly recommend and endorse an independent Accreditation and Architectural Consultant to move you seamlessly through the sometimes difficult and frustrating reality of new ASC development and accreditation.