Finding Your Niche in Nursing

When many people think of nursing, they think of “Grey’s Anatomy.” They see nurses as people wearing scrubs who work in emergency rooms. There are certainly many nurses who fit that description, but there are even more who do not.

Nursing can be a very specialized field. With around 80 nursing specialties, you have no shortage of options from which to choose. And once you make the decision to specialize, your work has only begun.

Internal research

All nursing environments include patients, doctors and treatments, but some may be better suited for you than others. To start looking for your niche in nursing, you need to study yourself first.

You need to do some honest self-evaluation. If you’re not a fan of kids, pediatrics nursing is likely not the niche for you. If you’re a bit clumsy, surgical nursing is not for you. But if you love the older generations, geriatrics nursing might be a good fit. If you thrive in fast-paced, high-pressure situations, emergency nursing is for you.

Once you know what your preferences and skill sets are and aren’t, you’re ready to move on to step two.

External research

There are so many nursing specialties that even seasoned nurses likely couldn’t name them all. For instance, did you know there’s a specialty referred to as forensic nursing. This field works with victims and perpetrators of violent crime. There are an estimated 7,500 nurses filling these roles.

With so many possibilities, you have plenty of homework to do. The Internet can be a good place to research which fields best suit your needs, wants and abilities. Then, after you’ve narrowed down your options some, talk to nurses in those fields or to nursing instructors for a better idea of the environment and demands of the job.

Make a plan

Now that you’ve decided which field is right for you, you need a plan. This isn’t a short-term plan. To become specialized, you need to look in the five- to 10-year range. Specialization often requires special certification from a professional board or association. This can sometimes include passing an examination or even completing a certain amount of work in the field. Oftentimes it requires additional education.

A final thought

Many people who enter the field of nursing do so because they feel like it’s where they belong. Finding your niche or specialty can make you feel even more at home in your chosen career.

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