The Best Nursing Blogs

There’s no shortage of blogs out there devoted to the field of nursing. Some take a serious look at the troubles and future of the profession and some just look to have a good laugh at the craziness nurses encounter on a daily basis.

We’ve scoured the blogosphere and have found five blogs we think you should be reading.

Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse

Following the adventures of a veteran nurse in an inner-city emergency room, this blog tells it like it is. It is not for the faint of heart. But let’s face it, if you’re a nurse, you’re not faint of heart.

The writer doesn’t shy away from any topic, not even corporate politics of health care. The blogger writes as someone who’s spent time working in less than ideal health-care environments, which is something almost any nurse can sympathize with. Faulty equipment, annoying patients, rude doctors — this blog covers them all. If you feel like no one understands what you go through as a nurse, read this blog.

Digital Doorway

The writer, Nurse Keith, has a passion for coaching nurses and uses this blog to do so. His stated goal is to help nurses live the healthiest and most satisfying lives possible.

To that end, the writer makes frequent posts about nurse burnout and how to prevent it. He deals a lot with nurse self-care, whether it be physical, mental or emotional care. But he also does reviews of books of interest to nurses.

The Nerdy Nurse

If nothing else, this blog’s name will pull you in. The author, Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN, is a clinical informatics specialist. She’s a technology fiend who has a passion for using technology to improve and simplify lives, especially in health care. Given her love of technology, it was of little surprise to see a recent post devoted to who nurses should be following on Twitter.

But, it’s not all about technology. She delves into nursing issues, health care, parenting and various lifestyle topics. Recent posts have discussed nursing education issues.

Aspen University Nursing Blog

As a blog aimed toward nursing students, it obviously delves often into the future of nursing and changes that are coming to health care. It does a good job studying the latest studies and explaining to nurses how the results could affect them.

It addresses timely issues for nurses, such as handheld technology and what role it might play in the future. Again, obviously as a student nursing blog, it regularly talks about different degrees and changes in nursing education. The blog recently took on “What’s the value of a BSN degree?” It also highlights new fields emerging in nursing, such as nursing informatics and traveling nursing.

It regularly posts student spotlights, which likely will be of little interest to many. But, hey, you might even find inspiration in those posts.

Venture Medical Equipment Blog

You’ve likely heard of this blog. (Hint: You’re currently reading it!) Of course we have to throw ourselves into a list of blogs nurses should be reading.

We pride ourselves on taking a broad approach to a health-care blog, featuring topics helpful to nurses in their day-to-day work (such as how to keep from burning out and how to stay healthy when you don’t even have time to take a break) as well as in their personal lives (how to distress your live to how to have a social life and be a nurse).

A final thought

While we’ve given you plenty of reading to do, we think each of these blogs will help you become a better nurse and help you feel better about the struggles you face every day. Happy reading!

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