OB/GYN Stretcher Overview

OB/GYN Stretchers are  a versatile solution in today’s ER environment in order to have stretcher(s) on hand to perform pelvic exams and other gynecological / obstetric procedures. The stretchers can also be used as general use stretchers when not being used for OB/GYN, which is a cost saving advantage to having a stretcher that can only be used for one procedure or exam – these can remain in use even when not being used for their specialized purpose.

OB/GYN Stretcher Manufacturers

The two most popular manufacturers of OB/GYN stretchers are  Hill-Rom® and Stryker®.

Stryker OB/GYN Stretchers

The Stryker® Gynnie® 1061 OB/GYN stretcher is a modern stretcher with a drop-down leg section and pull-out stirrups that are hidden away when not in use. The Stryker® 1061 has all of the common features that they provide with their other stretcher models, including side rails, IV pole, pneumatic assist fowler, hydraulic height adjustment and trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg. The Gynnie® 1061 also has a 500 lbs weight capacity. A full range of accessories are also available for the Stryker® 1061, including calf supports, drainage basin hoop, patient restraints, side rail pads and more. The Stryker® 1060 was the predecessor to the 1061, and has similar features.

Hill-Rom OB/GYN Stretchers

The Hill-Rom® P8050 is another version of the OB/GYN Stretchers available today. Much like the Stryker 1061, the Hill-Rom® 8050 has the standard features that most other stretchers have, but with a few additional options and features. The Hill-Rom® has built in stirrups, like the Stryker® Gynnie® 1061, but these no not hide away underneath the stretcher base; they remain extended at all times and can be adjusted effortlessly by a handle located at the end of each stirrup. The leg section can be stowed away underneath the stretcher when not in use.  The Hill-Rom® P8050 OB/GYN stretcher also has a convenient hand brake system for assisting in stopping the stretcher when in motion. This helps when going down ramps or when an abrupt stop is necessary. Other options include a built in exam light, integrated catch basin, calf supports and more. Lastly, the Hill-Rom® 8050 also boasts a 700 lbs weight capacity. Previous versions of the model 8050 do not necessarily have the same specifications, features or options available as the current model described above.

OB/GYN Stretcher Summary

No matter which manufacturer or model you choose, these versatile stretchers can really make a positive addition to your ER or maternity department.

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