Unpacking an Amsco / Steris Operating Table

So, you have received your Amsco / Steris 2080M or 2080RC operating table and need uncrate it carefully to avoid any damage. Well, here are the steps on how to do that correctly!

  1. Cut the straps on the crate in order to remove the top and front panel of the crate.
  2. Remove the ramp and place on the floor in front of the table.
  3. Remove the Securing Hardware from the surrounding area of the table which held the table from moving during shipping.
  4. Unlock the table using the Table Lock Footpedal.
  5. *Ensure that all the Locking Feet are in the Fully Up Position
  6. Use at least 2 people to unload the table from the crate.
  7. Be carefull not to catch the locking feet while moving through floor transitions.
  8. Adjust the locking feet.
    a)    Turn the feet clockwise to their high point. A wrench is required usually.
    b)    Depress the table lock pedal. The feet should come down but not touch the floor.
    c)     Turn the feet counter-clockwise until the feet touch the level floor.
    d)    Unlock the table lock pedal.
    e)    Turn the feet ½ turn counter clockwise.
    f)     Test the table lock. The table casters should still be on the ground but not freely rotating. The locks should not hold the table in the air. ***Only stop the table from moving.
    g)    Adjust the locks ½ turn at a time equally in order to properly lock the table without damaging the locks.
For everyone who is a little more visual, here is a video of the step-by-step unpacking.

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