MPD Select 6 Drawer Aluminum Anesthesia Cart w/ Push Button Lock: SIS-627A


Product Description:

MPD Select 6 Drawer Aluminum Anesthesia Cart w/ Push Button Lock: SIS-627A.  MPD has over 20 Years of Experience manufacturing premium quality medical carts, narcotic cabinets, mobile workstations, and accessories. The Select Series is MPD’s newest Premium Line of Carts and Accessories. This cart is proudly made in the USA and is Latex-Free. MPD’s Select Carts offer the very best and most user-friendly carts.

Features Include: User-Friendly Push-Button Locking – Easy and convenient mechanical push-button locking with key lock override.  Simply enter the combination, turn the knob one-quarter turn and your cart is open, one quarter-turn back and your cart is locked.  Best of all…NO Batteries!

Additional Features: 6 Drawers with 27″ Drawer Space, Quiet Ball Bearing Slides, and Full Drawer Extensions.  Customized Drawer Configuration Available.  EZ-Push Aluminum Construction.  Available in 17 Solid or Two-Tone Colors.  The cart is shown in Beige.  See tabs for more information.

  • Made in the USA
  • Latex-Free
  • User-Friendly
  • E-Z Push Aluminum Construction
  • 6 Drawers
  • Quiet Ball Bearing Slides
  • Full Drawer Extensions
  • Push Button Lock
  • With Key Override
  • Available in 17 Solid or Two-Tone Colors
  • Drawer Configuration: Four-3″, One-6″, and One-9″
  • Drawer Space: 27″
  • Cart Dimensions: 44 1/4″H x 25″D x 32″W

17 MPD Color Options  (click to view)

Please Note: Colors may vary with individual monitor settings and capabilities.