DuraSonic 1 Gal Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner: DS4L

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DuraSonic DS4L 1 Gal Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner.  The DS4L is an Industrial Grade Model Sweep and Degas Function with Temperature Controlled Heat for best cleaning performance.  Features include an Operator Temperature Controls (knob) along with a Digital Ultrasonic Timer.  DuraSonic Ultrasonic Cleaners have a very Reliable Industrial-Grade Transducer.  See tabs for more information.

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  • Industrial Grade Model. Sweep and Degas Function
  • Temperature Controlled Heat for best cleaning performance
  • Operator Temperature Controls (knob)
  • Digital Ultrasonic Timer
  • Comes with Free Basket and Cover
  • Very Reliable Industrial-Grade Transducer
  • Tank Material: Stainless Steel
  • 2-year warranty!
  • Tank Capacity: 1 gal / 3.8 ltr
  • Inside Dimensions (L x W x H): 12″ x 6″ x 3.75″
  • Outside Dimensions (L x W x H): 14″ x 7″x 10.5″
  • Sonic Power Watt Average: 180

There is a Fine Mesh Basket available for this size Ultrasonic Cleaner – see our Ultrasonic Cleaner 1 Gallon Fine Mesh Basket.  Not the right size? DuraSonic Ultrasonic Cleaners are available in 8 sizes and all include free baskets, power cords, and covers, along with a 2-year warranty.

  • 1/2 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner – Fine Mesh Basket for 1/2 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • 3/4 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner – Fine Mesh Basket for 3/4 gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner – Fine Mesh Basket for one gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • 1.6 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner (6 liters) -1.6-gallon  Ultrasonic Cleaner Basket
  • 2.1 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner (8 liters) – Baskets for 2.1-gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • 3 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner (11 liters) – 3-gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner Basket
  • 4 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner (15 liters) – 4-gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner Basket
  • 5.3 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner (20 liters) – 5.3-gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner Basket
  • 6.6 Gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner (25 liters) – 6.6-gallon Ultrasonic Cleaner Basket

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  • 2+ Units: $505.00 ea