Eschmann T20-A+ Operating Table

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The Eschmann T20-A+ Operating Table is capable of supporting the most demanding surgical needs and offers outstanding options for patient positioning.  Four possible positions are shown below; Supine position with footrest extension, supine position with footrest extension, lithotomy position, and spinal surgery position. See Procedure and Brochure Tabs below for more configurations on the Eschmann T20-A+ operating table. In terms of quality and reliability, Eschmann operating tables are acknowledged as being second to none, the very best in medical engineering technology for over 100 years – our assurance for your complete confidence.

The Eschmann Philosophy: Work closely with the people who matter the most – the surgical clinicians and surgery center professionals who use our world-class products.  This close cooperation allows us to develop a range of operating tables featuring a host of benefits that consistently exceed the exacting demands required in today’s surgery center environment.  To learn more about the Eschmann T20-A+ operating table, please get in touch with us today. See tabs for more information.

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  • Traversing the top with an offset column break improves the table imaging flexibility
  • Extended height range for optimum clinician comfort in use
  • 990-pound maximum patient weight and extendable 23.60″ wide top to suit all body types
  • “Velcro-Free” mattress attachment provides the ultimate ‘easy clean’ infection control solution
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections offer optimum patient positioning
  • Corded handset for simple, intuitive control
  • Easily maintained, impact-resistant ABS covers prevent fluid and dirt ingress
  • Improved patient support is achieved by adopting a one-piece mattress that seamlessly spans the table break
  • A choice of UK, Euro, and US sidebars ensures full compatibility
  • The T20-A base offers a lower, more traditional profile with a smaller footprint

 General & Specialized Surgery:

  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections with auto-locking
  • Built-in X-ray cassette tunnel
  • 990-pound maximum patient weight
  • 23.6″ wide top
  • Width extenders for obese patients

 Urology & Gynecology:

  • Easy patient positioning
  • No patient lifting or dragging
  • Excellent access for the surgeon
  • Unrivaled C-arm access
  • Kidney break positioning without moving the patient
  • Mattress spans the break for better patient support

Ophthalmic/ENT & Neurosurgery:

  • Excellent access for the surgeon
  • Very low minimum height with built-in X-ray cassette tunnel
  • 100° chair position with easy access for the surgeon
  • Narrow T-shape base for stability and access

Cardio-Vascular & Spinal Surgery;

  • Full X-ray imaging for C-arm or cassette films for spinal surgery and laminectomy
  • 27.7″ to 39.5″ height range (includes the mattress)

General Specifications:

  • Full-length radiolucent top with integral X-ray cassette tunnel
  • Capable of 990 lb maximum weight
  • Slim-line column offset relative to tabletop and base
  • Seamless, Velcro-free mattress
  • Mattress spans the break for improved patient support
  • Covers are made of impact-resistant acrylic-capped ABS
  • Battery Status indicators on the handset and table base
  • Powered 250mm traversing the top
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections
  • Tabletop break offset from column
  • RS232 port for system analysis
  • 23.6″-42.1 height range (excluding mattress)
  • The automatic self-locking mechanism ensures patient safety at all times
  • Easy configuration: Head and leg sections can be easily and quickly changed using the 2-stage lock and release system, allowing multiple configuration options
  • Easy clean tabletop: Acrylic capped ABS tabletop prevents fluid ingress, is easy to clean, impact-resistant, and hard-wearing
  • Secure mattress fixings: Mushroom caps provide a simple, secure fixing to mattresses without the need for Velcro, allowing them to be easily cleaned
  • Intuitive Control: Lightweight and easy to use, the corded handset can be conveniently hooked over the sidebars or at the end of the table for immediate access
  • The handset also features the main battery, backup status, and battery status indicators
  • Built-in Override Control: A standby control panel is located on the top of the column; this enables the full use of the table in the event of handset loss

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