Eschmann T20-M+ Operating Table (Mobile)

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The Eschmann T20-M+ (Mobile) Operating Table offers outstanding options for patient positioning. It provides the same features as T20-A except that the T20-M+ offers large casters allowing easy maneuverability with or without the patient on the table.  See Procedure and Brochure Tabs below for more configurations and optional accessories shown.

The Eschmann Philosophy: Work closely with the people who matter the most – the surgical clinicians and surgery center professionals who use our world-class products.  This close cooperation allows us to develop a range of operating tables featuring a host of benefits that consistently exceed the exacting demands required in today’s surgery center environment.  In terms of quality and reliability, Eschmann operating tables are acknowledged as being second to none, the very best in medical engineering technology for over 100 years – our assurance for your complete confidence.  To learn more about the Eschmann T20-M+ operating table, please get in touch with us today.  See tabs for more information.

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  • Traversing the top with an offset column break improves the table imaging flexibility
  • Extended height range for optimum clinician comfort in use
  • 990-pound maximum patient weight and extendable 23.6″ wide top to suit all body types
  • “Velcro-Free” mattress attachment provides the ultimate ‘easy clean’ infection control solution
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections offer optimum patient positioning
  • Corded handset for simple, intuitive control
  • Easily maintained, impact-resistant ABS covers prevent fluid and dirt ingress
  • Improved patient support is achieved by adopting a one-piece mattress that seamlessly spans the table break
  • A choice of UK, Euro, and US sidebars ensures full compatibility

General & Specialized Surgery:

  • Maximum patient comfort
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections with auto-locking
  • Built-in X-ray cassette tunnel
  • 990-pound maximum patient weight
  • 23.6″ wide top
  • Width extenders for obese patients

 Urology & Gynecology:

  • Easy patient positioning
  • No patient lifting or dragging
  • Excellent access for the surgeon
  • Unrivaled C-arm access
  • Kidney break positioning without moving the patient
  • Mattress spans the break for better patient support

Ophthalmic/ENT & Neurosurgery:

  • Excellent access for the surgeon
  • Very low minimum height with built-in X-ray cassette tunnel
  • 100° chair position with easy access for the surgeon
  • Narrow T-shape base for stability and access

Cardio-Vascular & Spinal Surgery:

  • Full X-ray imaging for C-arm or cassette films for spinal surgery and laminectomy
  • 27.7″-39.5″ height range (includes the mattress)


  • Large Casters allow easy maneuverability
  • Manual 3-point brake system
  • Mimics trolley transfer systems
  • Slightly higher, less traditional profile with a larger footprint
  • Full-length radiolucent top with integral X-ray cassette tunnel
  • Capable of 990-pound maximum weight
  • Slimline column offset relative to tabletop and base
  • Seamless, Velcro-free mattresses
  • Mattress spans the break for improved patient support
  • Covers are made of impact-resistant acrylic-capped ABS
  • Battery Status indicators on the handset and table base
  • Powered 9.8″ traversing top
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections
  • Tabletop break offset from column
  • RS232 port for system analysis
  • 26.4″-42.1″ height range (excluding mattress)
  • The automatic self-locking mechanism ensures patient safety at all times
  • Easy configuration: Head and leg sections can be easily and quickly changed using the 2-stage lock and release system, allowing multiple configuration options
  • Easy clean tabletop: Acrylic capped ABS tabletop prevents fluid ingress, is easy to clean, impact-resistant, and hard-wearing
  • Secure mattress fixings: Mushroom caps provide a simple, secure fixing to mattresses without the need for Velcro, allowing them to be easily cleaned
  • Intuitive Control: Lightweight and easy to use, the corded handset can be conveniently hooked over the sidebars or at the end of the table for immediate access
  • The handset also features the main battery, backup status, and battery status indicators
  • Built-in Override Control: A standby control panel is located on the top of the column; this enables the full use of the table in the event of handset loss

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