Oakworks Spa Accessory: QuickLock™ Face Rest Platform w/AeroCel™ Crescent Pad

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Product Description:

The QuickLock ™ Adjustable Face Rest Features:  Our best-selling face rest platform is an invaluable support option, providing superior access with optimum comfort!  Soft and supportive, this versatile face rest pad adjusts to support any size or shape of the face for prone comfort. Turn it around and create a great cervical pillow for supine treatments.

Positioning is Fast and Easy!  The QuickLock™ adjustable Face Rest features unlimited positioning through fast, simple adjustments.  This product includes the QuickLock ™ Face Rest Platform and the AeroCel™ Face Rest Crescent Pad. The double articulating adjustability ensures a perfect fit for all body types and even helps position clients with cervical injuries. The face rest pad is available in Oakworks TerraTouch™ Upholstery. This QuickLock™ system is available in Grey. The Boiance Face Cushion and Quick Lock Platform set are sold separately.  See tabs for more information.

  • Fast, Simple Adjustments
  • Unlimited Positioning
  • AeroCel™ Padding
  • Includes: QuickLock™ Face Rest Platform & Face Rest Crescent Pad
  • Choice of Beautiful TerraTouch™ Colors
  • The frame/Platform is grey

QuickLock™ Platform:

  • Weight Capacity: 30 lbs.
  • Two 8″ centered dowels
  • Black Platform P/N: PKG4186
  • Vanilla Platform P/N: PKG4188

AeroCel™ Crescent:

  • Dimensions: 11″ round, 4″ tall
  • Foam: AeroCel™
  • Fabric: TerraTouch™

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Available Options Are Sold Separately:

  • Boiance Face Cushion and Quick Lock Platform Set:  Less pressure on the sinuses than foam face rests. Water spheres offer a sense of buoyancy. See Gallery Image