Harloff Optional Accessory – Multi-Dose Divider Set: 680540

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Product Description:

Harloff Optional Accessory – Multi-Dose Divider Set: 680540. One Size Solution Doesn’t Fit All Situations in today’s long-term care marketplace.  Harloff Offers A Wide Variety of Accessories for your Medication Cart. Whether you have a small 20-bed or a large 85-bed unit, Harloff has medication storage accessories to meet all your needs.  Harloff Multi-Dose Divider Set for MD30-4K and MD50-6K (1 per drawer) holds ten bins. Note: Carts Sold Separately, Not Included. See the tab for more options.

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • Multi-Dose Divider Set (for Standard Line Multi-Dose Medication Cart SL72MD) (1 per drawer) holds 12 bins: 680545
  • Multi-Dose Bin – includes the label, two dividers (shown below): 40425