Harloff MR-Conditional Cart Accessory – Side Rail: MR-SR

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Product Description:

Harloff MR-Conditional Cart Accessory – Side Rail: MR-SR. Harloff offers a wide range of MR-Conditional Accessories to use with Harloff MR-Conditional Emergency Carts and MR-Conditional Anesthesia Carts for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suites. In addition, Harloff has MR-Conditional Accessories for your specific needs, saving time and organizing supplies.

Harloff’s MR-Conditional Line of Accessories: Harloff’s MR-Conditional Accessories all meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International Designation of MR-Conditional for use in a 3 Tesla or less environment of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Suite (testing date 1-13-2010).

Harloff MR-Conditional Side Rail:  MR-SR is for use with Harloff MR-Conditional Carts.  See tab to view additional Mr-Conditional Accessories.

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