Harloff V-Series Accessories

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Product Description:

Harloff V-Series Accessories.  Harloff offers a wide variety of accessories for the V-Series carts, including Plastic Tops (shown left), Top Rail/Push Handles, Cardiac Board, and more.  See tabs for more information.

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Optional Accessories Sold Separately:

  • Top Rail/Push Handle, Top Rail for VLT 2 Wide Bodies VLT-2TOPRAIL (shown above)
  • Plastic Top -added at the factory (shown below left) VS-PLTOP
  • Plastic Top (Field Installed) VS-PLTOPFIELD
  • Side Mounted Drop Shelf Without Lip, Dimensions: 13.75″L x 13″D  VS-DRPSHELF

Optional Accessories Sold Separately:

  • 3 Gallon Sharps Container and Mounting Bracket, VS-3GSHARPS
  • Universal Sharps Container Bracket VS-UNIVSHRP
  • Plastic 3 Gallon Waste Container without cover and Mounting Bracket,  VS-3GWASTE
  • Plastic 8 Quart Waste Container without cover and Mounting Bracket, VS-8QWASTE
  • Aluminum Glove Box Holder, mounts directly to the cart,  VS-GLVBOX

Optional Accessories Sold Separately:

  • IV Pole-2 Prong: VS-IV2
  • Aluminum Oxygen Bottle Holder: D/E Cylinders VS-AL02

Optional Accessories Sold Separately:

  • Cardiac Board and Mounting Brackets VS-CARDBRD