Product Description:

MPD Std & Select Cart Accessory: Full Drawer Tray TMH-1.  MPD makes Organization Simple with a wide range of Full Drawer Trays in a Variety of Compartment Styles for Standard and Select Cart Drawers. MPD’s TMH-1 Drawer Tray (first image shown – see the tab for other trays), has 8 Dividers, 14 Ampule Holders, and 2 Rails.  See the tab for additional options.    

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Note: Please refer to the above Image Gallery

  • Full Drawer Tray: TMH-1 (shown image #1 and also image #2, top), has 8 dividers, 14 ampule holders, 2 rails
  • Full Drawer Tray: TMH-2 (shown image #2, bottom), has 6 dividers, 2 rails
  • Full Drawer Tray: TMH-6 (shown image #3, top), has 6 dividers, 2 rails
  • Full Drawer Tray: TMH-7 (shown image #3, bottom), has 18 ampule holders, 7 dividers
  • Full Drawer Tray: TMH-11 (shown image #4), with 33 ampule holders