Clinton Ready Room: 3600-27-RR

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Clinton Ready Room: 3600-27-RR.  Seven Items, One Order Number – One Price! The best and most affordable way to quickly furnish an entire exam room or school nurse’s office – all for a single delivered price. What you see is what you get! Plus, everything Clinton sells is backed with our industry-leading, across-the-board, 5-year limited warranty.

Included in the 3600-27-RR Ready Room: Clinton’s most popular Exam Table; 48″ wall and base cabinets with stainless steel sink and faucet; single, stainless steel glove box holder; 5-leg pneumatic stool; stainless steel waste receptacle and coordinating padded side chair. Save time and save money with this inclusive, exclusive offer from Clinton!  See tabs for more information.

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Ready Room Models: (no model substitutions, your choice of laminate and upholstery colors)

  • 3600-27 Exam Table in your choice of upholstery colors ​
  • 8248 Wall Cabinets in your choice of laminates
  • 8048 Base Cabinets in your choice of laminates
  • 21335 Economical, 5-leg, Pneumatic Stool with your choice of upholstery colors
  • GS-3000 Single, Stainless Steel, Glove Box Holder
  • TR-20S 20-Quart Stainless Steel Waste Receptacle ​
  • C-40B Premium Padded Side Chair with your choice of 5 popular upholstery colors
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • 3600-27 – Table: 72″L x 27″W x 18″H
  • 8248 – Wall Cabinet: 48″ L x 12″D x 24″H
  • 8048 – Base Cabinet: 48″L x 18″D x 35″H
  • 21335 – Stool: 15″ Seat Dia. / 21″ Base Dia. / 18″–23″ Height Range
  • C-40B – Side Chair: 17.5″ Seat Width / 18″ Seat Depth / 18″ Seat Height
  • GS-3000 – Glove Box: 5.5″W x 3.75″D x 10″H
  • TR-20S – Medium Round Stainless Steel Waste Receptacle: 14″Dia. x 17.75″ H