Blickman MR-Conditional Solution Stand: Model 7807MR-HB

Product Description:

Blickman MR-Conditional (Baker) Solution Stand: 7807MR-HB. Blickman maintains the broadest line of MR-safe equipment in the healthcare market to meet any need. Blickman ensures that nothing in its assembly renders it unsuitable for MR Environments. Every Safety Precaution is taken, and the Fully Finished Product is Properly Tested and Labeled as “MR-safe.”

Additional 7807MR-HB Features:  A single basin with a supporting frame connected by an H-brace. The stainless-steel basin has a large 8-1/2 quart capacity yet is unusually quiet when dropped into the circular ring. Rubber bumpers are placed strategically inside the ring to reduce noise from metal-to-metal contact. The stands travel quietly on two-inch MR Conditional swivel casters.  Also available is an MR-Conditional solution stand and stainless steel with a shelf.  See tabs for more information. Click the following link for additional  MR-C Stainless Steel Equipment.

Is storage or Space a problem? Click here to view our Complete Catalog of MR-Conditional Carts. Many sizes and features are designed to specifically meet your facility’s requirements. Increase staff efficiency and save valuable time. Keep supplies organized with any one or more of the MR-Conditional Cart Accessories we offer.

  • Single Basin
  • MRI Safe
  • Supporting Frame Connected by a Bottom Shelf
  • Stainless Steel Welded Construction
  • Enhanced Stand Strength and Stability
  • Large 8 1/2 Quart Capacity
  • Unusually Quiet When Dropped into the Circular Ring
  • Rubber Bumpers are Placed Strategically inside the Ring to Reduce Noise from Metal to Metal Contact
  • Travels Quietly on MRI Safe 2″ Swivel Casters
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • Features Single basin with H-brace
  • Basin Capacity: 8-1/2 Qt
  • Dimensions 15″W x 15″L x 33″H
  • Approximate Shipping Weight:  35 lbs

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • MR-Conditional Stainless Steel Double Basin Solution Stand with Shelf: 7808MR
  • MR-Conditional Stainless Steel Double Basin Solution Stand with H-Brace: 7808MR-HB