Biolight Q3 Modular Neonatal Patient Monitor with CO2

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Biolight Q3 Modular Neonatal Patient Monitor with CO2.   The Q3 Neonatal monitoring solution and Fresh new Plug-in Design.  Co2module and dozens of parameters with various modules assembled as demand.  The global SpO2 measurement and monitor gold standard, which is anti-motion anti-low perfusion, ensures more accurate measurements.

Additional Q3 Features: Disposable Neonatal Polar Plates are completely safe for neonates. Neonatal ECG algorithm with Neonatal 3-Lead ECG trunk cable gives a convenient & accurate measurement. The anti-interference blood measurement technology (CE, FDA certificated) together with the neonatal super-thin cuff, gives a faster and more accurate measurement.  Neonatal 2-Temp (Standard) with probes of skin and rectal (Optional).  See tabs for more information.

Wondering what is the difference between Mainstream and Sidestream CO2?. Visit our blog and check out our post ‘Mainstream or Sidestream CO2?’ to learn more about the different ways to measure CO2 on your patients.

  • With CO2
  • 10.4″ Anti-glare color TFT-LCD Display
  • Resolution 800 *600, 10 levels adjustable
  • 10 channel waveforms on the display screen, can be upgraded to 12 channel
  • Two plug-in slots for dozens of parameters with various modules assembled as demand
  • Easy to upgrade and can be shared among various monitors
  • SD card socket, effective storage for historical patient data
  • Touch screen and knob of ergonomic design make it easy to operate
  • Backlit buttons make it convenient to operate at night
  • Size: 318mm x 264mm x 152mm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Power Voltage: AC 100-240Volt
  • Safety Class: Category 1
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Operating Time: >210 minutes under normal conditions
  • Alarm: Level – low, medium, high
  • Alarm Indications: auditory and visual
  • NIBP Measurement Reviewing: 1000 groups
  • ARR Event: 128 groups
  • Full Disclosure Waveform: 96 for 3 waveforms (with 4G SD card)

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