Clinton Space Place Treatment Table Complete: 7935-X

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Product Description:

Clinton Space Place Treatment Table & Cabinets Complete: 7935-X. For pediatric offices or clinics, build on the Clinton Kids™ line of products to design some of the most innovative and imaginative exam rooms found in the medical industry. Clinton Complete provides all the elements you need for exceptional pediatric design. We offer innovative pediatric treatment tables and scale tables, matching or complementary cabinet designs, coordinating graphics, specific paint brand and color recommendations, specific floor brand and color recommendations two sample floor plans, and accessories to fit your needs – everything you need to mirror our rooms or inspire a similar design of your own.

Clinton Space Place Complete Features:  Boldly go where no pediatric office space has gone before. Bring the cosmos indoors with shooting stars, planets, and even friendly visitors from the galaxy’s outer reaches. Clinton fills your universe with wonder and delight with a complete design plan that’s out of this world, fun, and completely easy. See tabs for more information on Clinton’s Space Place Treatment Table Complete.

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Clinton Complete qualifying purchase:

  • Imagination Space Place Treatment Table: 7935
  • Imagination Series Space Place Cabinets: 6135-BW
  • Complimentary paint color recommendations to match colors shown in photos
  • Complimentary floor covering style and color recommendations to match flooring shown in photos
  • Complimentary 10′ x 10′ and 12′ x 12′ floor plans
  • 5 Year Warranty

Note: The sink shown in the image is an additional option not included in the package price.

  • Model Number: 7935-X
  • Table with or without Adjustable Backrest: 68″L X 27″D X 33″H
  • Wall Cabinets: 61″L X 12″D X 24″H
  • Base Cabinets 61″L X 18″D X 35″

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • Space Travelers Clinton Complete coordinating graphics: 09CC
  • Clear Unlabeled Sundry Jars (5 in a set, 3 shown): T-79
  • Double Slimline Stainless Steel Glove Box Holder: GS-3022
  • Stainless Steel Sink and Gooseneck Faucet: 022
  • Small Pillow: 020
  • Large Pillow: 060
  • Paper Cutter: 040
  • Add a Cabinet Drawer: 044
  • Door and Drawer Locks: 055
  • Door Lock and Inside Latch Combo: 066
  • Space Place Complete is also available with a Scale Table in place of Exam Table: 7835-X