Blickman IV Pole Accessory Clamp: 7801380000

Product Description:

Blickman IV Pole Accessory Clamp: 7801380000.  This accessory clamp helps clamp IV stand accessories to IV poles. It is adjustable via a Tru-Loc™ mechanism to fit around any diameter IV pole.  See Tabs for more information.

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  • Part: 7801380000
  • Tru-Loc™ mechanism
  • Fits around any diameter IV pole

Compatible with the following Blickman Style IV Poles:

  • 4-Leg Chrome IV Stands
  • 4 Leg SS IV Stands
  • 5 Leg SS IV Stands
  • 5 Leg Chrome IV Stands
  • 7792 MR IV Stands
  • 7795 Washable IV Stands
  • 6 Leg SS IV Stands
  • 6 Leg Chrome IV Stands