Blickman Stainless Steel Mayo Stand: 8869SS

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Blickman Stainless Steel Mayo Stand: 8869SS. Blickman’s Stainless Steel Benjamin Foot Operated Mayo Stands are number one in ease and convenience. Just lift the tray frame – it automatically locks. To lower, hold the tray frame and press the foot-operated control button. Release to lock in place. A guard over the foot button prevents accidental release.

Additional Features Include: Our state-of-the-art double post design minimizes lateral movement and increases overall unit stability. Select our Model 8871SS, double-post jumbo Benjamin Mayo Stand when a larger tray size is required. Comes with a Limited  Lifetime Warranty.  See tabs for more information.

Note: Click the following link to view the wide variety of Mayo Stand models available to best meet your needs from Venture Medical.

  • Automatically Locks
  • Guard Over the Foot Button Prevents Accidental Release
  • Tray Included
  • Adjustable Height
  • Benjamin Stand

  • Height Adjustment Range; 39.5″ to 62″
  • Construction: Stainless Steel Tray
  • Tray Dimensions: 16″ x 21″
  • Shipping Weight: 46 lbs.