Midmark 550 Stretcher | Refurbished

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This 550 Stretcher is a Versatile, Full-Functioning Stretcher perfect for the Operating Room, ER Room, Post-Operative Care Unit, or Transport. Pneumatic Assist Fowler (backrest) 90°, Hydraulic Height Adjustment (foot pedal on the foot end of the stretcher) 24″ to 33″, and Trend/Reverse Trend.

Midmark Refurbished 550 Stretcher Features: The 540 has a Weight Capacity of 500 lbs., Central Brake, Four Wheel Locking and Steering, 8″ Casters for easy maneuverability and control along with Fold-Down Side Rails. Midmark Stretcher 550 comes with an O2 Tank Holder, a New Pad, and a six-month Parts Warranty. See tabs for more information.

Are you wondering about our Refurbishing Process? Check out our blog, where we explain it all. ‘Doing it Right: Explaining the Refurbishing Process

  • Completely Refurbished
  • Trendelenburg/Rev Trendelenburg
  • Head-Up/Down (Pneumatic Assist)
  • Height Up/Down (Hydraulic)
  • Fold Away Side Rails
  • 4-Wheel Locking & Steering
  • O2 Tank Holder
  • 500 lbs Weight Capacity
  • New Pad
  • 6 Months Parts Warranty
  • Overall Dimensions: 29.5″W x 83″L
  • Height: 24″ – 33″H
  • Movement: Height Up/Down (Hydraulic)
  • Side Rails: Fold-Away
  • 4-Wheel Locking & Steering
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Lbs
  • Warranty: 6 Months Parts Warranty

Available Option Sold Separately:

  • Basic IV Pole: Call for details.