Birkova Table Hip Pad -Small Size: PRT-9130

Product Description:

Birkova Table Hip Pad -Small Size: PRT-9130  (6957-41) Hip Pad Assembly – Small Patient / 5890-589205803 Jackson Table 5943 Top. Our pads provide extra comfort and easy positioning on the OSI products due to the soft stretch vinyl and the advanced materials inside and out. *sold individually*Table Hip Pad, Recover only -Small Size. They are sold individually.

What are you receiving?  When ordering a new OSI table replacement positioner pad, you will receive a pad consisting of a high-density foam base layer, a medium-firm high-density comfort foam layer, and a top layer of Visco polymer gel. The foam is all covered with ultra-soft 4-way stretch vinyl. Birkova Products does not include the black bracket that attaches directly to the OSI table frame. 

Note: When ordering an OSI table positioner pad, you will receive what is pictured in the below image – a pad without the black bracket. Call for more details and pricing.

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  • Flame-Retardant
  • Latex-free
  • Fluid Resistant
  • Complete Recover
  • Radiolucent
  • Materials:  Durable soft 4-way stretch vinyl and Premium Foam
  • Weight 8 lbs
  • Pieces 1 pc
  • Warranty 1 Year