SchureMed Elite 40° Trendelenburg System: 804-0118


Product Description:

SchureMed Elite 40° Trendelenburg System: 804-0118.  The Elite Trendelenburg System has been developed to overcome the challenges faced in the Trendelenburg position, primarily patient slippage, nerve injury, and the formation of decubitus sores.  See tabs for more information.

  • Exceptionally comfortable gel and foam combination, which offers restraint-free pressure relief and stabilization of the patient.
  • A unique dual-layer, integrated gel structure conforms to the patient’s shape, improving immersion and comfort.
  • A combination of memory foam and latticed gel cells provides maximum pressure relief.
  • Advanced carbon composite shoulder supports provide additional comfort and stabilization for steeper procedures.
  • Surgical Positions: Recommended for robotic-assisted surgery, abdominal surgery & gynecological surgery.


  • 804-0115 – Trendelenburg Headrest
  • 804-0116 – Elite Trendelenburg Positioner
  • 804-0117 – ET Anti-Slip Mat
  • 804-0120 – ET Shoulder Support x2
  • 804-0124 – ET Arm Retainer x2
  • 804-0121 – ET L-Bracket x2
  • 804-0122 – ET Clamp x2 (Specify the US, UK, or EU)

Specifications: 12-Month Warranty