MCM Equalizing Device: MCM 350

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MCM Equalizing Device: MCM 350.   Mid Central Medical is an American company committed to manufacturing the highest quality medical equipment to serve the demands of America’s health care industry. Each product is designed to meet and surpass your expectations. The MCM 350 is only one of a wide variety of innovative products that comprise the MCM line.

MCM Equalizing Device MCM 350 Features: The MCM 350 Equalizing Device is used when three or more digits are placed in traction.  This device can be used with an I.V. Pole or other extremity systems.  Stainless Steel Hooks and the Chain are fully Autoclavable.

MCM Finger Traps:  Mid Central Medical offers all sizes of Finger Traps to meet your surgical needs. To view additional Finger Trap sizes and MCM’s Equalizing Device, see the Options Tab.

Note: Click the following link to view our complete Hand Surgery Table Catalog.  For cleaning and maintenance, see tab.

  • This device can be used with an I. V. pole or other extremity systems
  • Stainless steel hooks and chain
  • Fully Autoclavable

Please Note: Finger Traps (sold separately) Not Included with Unit.  For a wide variety of Finger Traps See “Options”

  • Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Hooks
  • Stainless Steel Chain
  • Fully Autoclavable