Birkova Amsco 2080 Bariatric Comfort Series Replacement Cushion Set

The sale of this product has been discontinued by Venture Medical. We have other options available. Contact us, we are ready to help!

Product Description:

Birkova’s Amsco-2080 Bariatric Comfort Series, BCS-3220.  Birkova’s Bariatric Comfort Series 3-pc. The replacement cushion set is designed for the comfort of bariatric patients and is recommended for low to high-risk obese patients. The Bariatric Comfort Series BCS-3220 fits Amsco Models 2080M, 2080L, 2080RC, and 1080.

Bariatric Comfort Series BCS-3220 Features 4″ thick overall, constructed with the high-density firm foam, a layer of anti-sheer Pro-Tek Memory foam, and finally covered with a 3-way stretch ultra soft Fusion Fabric (vinyl). Replacement sets are available for all makes and models of Surgical Tables, Orthopedic Tables, and other O.R. Equipment. Note: Surgical Tables are sold separately.

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  • For Amsco Table Models: 2080M, 2080L, 2080RC, and 1080
  • Designed for the Comfort of Bariatric Patients
  • For Low-High Risk Obese Patients
  • Waterfall Edge Construction
  • Fluid and Stain Resistant
  • X-ray Permeable
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Latex Free

4″ Pad Construction:

  • Inside Layer: High-density Comfort Foam
  • Second Layer: Medium Firm High-density Foam
  • Third Layer: Pro-Tek Memory Foam
  • Cover: 4-Way Stretch fusion Fabric

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