SchureMed Schure Socket: 800-0006

Product Description:

SchureMed Schure Socket: 800-0006.  Operating room staff can quickly position surgical devices anywhere along standard operating room table side rails. Use the Schure Socket to halt all movement on mounting posts as well.  See tabs for more information.  Click for additional Sockets & Table Clamps.

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  • Clark Sockets by SchureMed are designed for a wide range of purposes; affixing most operating room table accessories to most OR table designs and brands
  • The industrial-strength Schure Socket fits all operating room tables with standard 3/8″W x 1-1/8″H (.95 cm x 2.85 cm) side rails
  • Fits round mounting posts up to 5/8″ in diameter
  • Connects anywhere along the side rail without the need for notches
  • The device supports a 500 lb. proportional patient load (6’4” tall patient per 99% human body model)
  • SchureMed Schure Socket 800-0006 are sold individually

Device Dimensions (maximum)

    • Length: 3.00” +/- 0.5”
    • Width: 2” +/- 0.5”
    • Depth: 8”+/-  0.5” (rail handle extended)
    • Device Weight: 1.5 +/-  0.5 lbs
    • Attaches to the rail of the surgical table anywhere on the rail
    • Single-person installation
    • Twist Lock/Release Handle
    • Clamp warranty covers the product from manufacturing defects for two years
    • Product is maintenance-free
    • Holds accessory equipment with 1” x 3/8” flat mounting posts