Wolf’s Protective Coat Apron

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Wolf’s Protective Coat Apron: 63011-TC-Color.  Features include a 2-inch wide adjustable belt that helps “lift” the apron weight off your shoulders. The open-back design (shown below) allows you great freedom of movement. The Coat Apron offers you 0.5 mm LE protection.  Available with or without Thyroid Collar, Light Weight with or without Collar, Lead-Free, with or without Collar, and Standard with Collar.

Please Note Protective Coat Apron shown below is right with the Collar in use. The image shows Apron with Collar not in use.  Wolf’s Protective Coat Apron shown above, Lightweight lead with thyroid collar, size Large: 63011-TC.  See tabs for more information.

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Wolf Print and Solid Colors (click to view)

Standard Lead with Thyroid Collar:

  • Small: 63073
  • Medium: 63001
  • Large: 63011
  • Extra Large: 63012
  • Double Extra Large: 63013

Light Weight Lead w/out Collar:

  • Small: 63073LW
  • Medium: 63001LW
  • Large: 63011LW
  • Extra Large: 63012LW
  • Double Extra Large: 63013LW

 LEAD FREE w/out Collar:

  • Small: 63073TB
  • Medium: 63001TB
  • Large: 63011TB
  • Extra Large: 63012TB
  • Double Extra Large: 63013TB

 Light Weight Lead with Collar:

  • Small: 63073TC
  • Medium: 63001TC
  • Large: 63011TC
  • Extra Large: 63012TC
  • Double Extra Large:63013TC

LEAD-FREE with Collar:

  • Small:63073TC-TB
  • Medium: 63001TC-TB
  • Large: 63011TC-TB
  • Extra Large: 63012TC-TB
  • Double Extra Large: 63013TC-TB