Bar-Ray Protective Eyewear: Spectra

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Product Description:

Bar-Ray Products offers protective leaded glasses which provide user comfort and a stylish appearance while providing x-ray eye protection. Wrap-around and Ultra Pb protect against scattering x-ray radiation while allowing peripheral vision. The Metalite glasses come with custom-fitted lead side shields, while our Euro design and Nanolite Ultra glasses provide user protection in a stylish design.

Bar-Ray Lead Spectra Glasses Feature:  Sleek and stylish, the Spectra is one of the most impact-resistant radiation protection frames available. Constructed of TR-90 impact-resistant plastic, the wrap-around glasses surround your eyes with a wide field of protection. Uni-soft flex material cradles the temple with comfort during use. Spectra’s design is versatile for any imaging environment and is suitable for larger, male facial structures. Offers .75 mm protection.

Note: Price reflects Non-Prescription Glasses.  See tabs for more information.

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Impact-resistant
  • Constructed of TR-90 impact-resistant plastic
  • Wrap-around glasses surround your eyes
  • Wide field of protection
  • Uni-soft flex material cradles the temples with comfort
  • Suitable for larger male facial structures
  • Versatile for any imaging environment
  • Offers .75 mm protection

Spectra Protective Glasses Options:


  • Black Non-Prescription: 65471-black
  • Blue Non-Prescription: 65471-blue
  • Purple/Grey Non-Prescription: 65471-purple/grey
  • Red Non-Prescription: 65471-red
  • Silver Non-Prescription: 65471-silver

Single Vision: 

  • Black Single Vision: 65471S-black
  • Blue Single Vision: 65471S-blue
  • Purple/Grey Single Vision: 65471S-purple/grey
  • Red Single Vision: 65471S-red
  • Silver Single Vision: 65471-silver

Bifocal Vision: 

  • Black Bifocal Vision: 65471B-black
  • Blue Bifocal Vision: 65471B-blue
  • Purple/Grey Bifocal Vision: 65471B-purple/grey
  • Red Bifocal Vision: 65471B-red
  • Silver Bifocal Vision: 65471B-silver

Progressive Vision: 

  • Black Progressive Vision: 65471P-black
  • Blue Progressive Vision: 65471P-blue
  • Purple/Grey Progressive Vision: 65471P-purple/grey
  • Red Progressive Vision: 65471P-red
  • Silver Progressive Vision: 65471P-silver