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Medical Stretchers for Sale – New, Used & Refurbished

Venture Medical sells new, refurbished, and used stretchers and stretcher accessories. Whether you are looking for refurbished Stryker stretchers, or those from anotehr manufacturer, we can help. Browse our refurbished stretchers and stretcher accessories and contact us to purchase or for more information.

Medical stretchers have a history, and it’s a long one. They have existed in some form for hundreds of years, if not thousands.

Medical stretchers fall into the transportation category.  They are used to transport a someone from one place to another in the safest and most efficient way possible for both the patient and the medical personnel involved.

Medical stretchers have always been used to benefit both the injured and those needing to transport the injured. The flat top and wheeled ability is to ensure that the injured are not further hurt during transport and the medical attendants get the patient to safety without injuring themselves in the process.

Today’s Stretchers

Today’s medical stretchers come standard with a dual side rail system and an advanced locking system so that the patient is completely secured on the stretcher without any chance of falling off.

There is a stretcher to meet your needs, no matter what application you need it for. There are also stretchers designed for small and compact spaces, folding medical stretchers, and also those models that are produced specifically for use in ambulances.

We also can provide specialty stretchers, such as for imaging, C-arm/Imaging, OB/GYN, and more.

With no shortage of medical stretchers to meet any need, you’ll surely find the types you need within our site.

Types of Medical Stretchers for Sale

Venture Medical sells many types of Medical Stretchers:

  •  PACU Stretchers
  • Transport Stretchers
  • Eye, Head and Neck Surgery Stretchers
  • C-Arm and Imaging Stretchers
  • OBGYN & Women’s Care Stretchers
  • Pediatric and Infant Stretchers & Cribs
  • Trauma, Surgery, Critical Care Stretchers
  • Portable Stretchers
  • Ambulance Stretchers
  • And many more…

From known manufacturers:

  • Refurbished Stryker Stretchers
  • Refurbished Hill Rom Stretchers
  • Refurbished Hausted Stretchers
  • Refurbished Pedigo Stretchers

We sell both new and refurbished stretchers. Our refurbished stretchers are some of the best in the industry. We take great pride in our refurbished products, and your stretcher will look and work like new. All of our stretchers come with a warranty.  We ship hundreds of stretchers per year, saving our customers money, while providing a great product. The value is real!

If you are trying to match your existing units, however, we can help! Call us today and one of our experienced Sales reps will help you find the correct model.