Refurbished Stretcher Chairs

Refurbished stretcher chairs are one of the most flexible stretchers made today is the stretcher/chair. These types of stretchers are a multiple purpose solution for many applications. They can be used like a stretcher and also used in the chair position. This versatility is invaluable for facilities with space constraints, as well as many other advantages. Facilities may also save money by purchasing a stretcher chair instead of a separate stretcher and step-down recovery recliner for patients in the recovery / PACU area. Lastly, patient flow and comfort are enhanced, because the patient does not have to be transferred from stretcher to recliner, only re-positioned. This also saves the staff time in the process.


Stretcher chairs have most of the same features as a regular stretcher, including:

  • Trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg,
  • hydraulic height adjustment
  • adjustable backrest

The stretcher chairs also have patient side rails, O2 tank holders (well) and optional IV poles. Weight and dimensions vary by manufacturer, but most mainstream models are very similar. An independent leg section feature is a must in situations where the patient’s leg section is required to be positioned independently of the backrest, instead of the leg section movement coinciding with the position of the backrest (much like a typical household recliner). This is an optional upgrade on some models. Fold down footrests for the patient’s feet to rest on while in an upright seated position is also standard equipment in most cases.


Also, there are specialty stretcher chairs that can be used for eye surgery that have a dual articulating, narrow headrest. There are also stretcher chairs that are electric/battery powered that can be used for surgical procedures.


Some of the makes and model we provide, refurbished, are the Stryker 5050, Stryker 5051, WyEast Totalift II, and the Hausted ESC-EYE Surgichair. Venture Medical is your source for refurbished stretcher chairs. Call or Contact us today for more information.