Refurbished Stretchers (Part 2): Why Are Your Stretchers More Expensive Than Others?

This is part two of our series on refurbished stretchers. To read part one on how refurbished is different than used just click here. Enjoy part two where we answer the question, “Why does company XYZ have the same stretcher for hundreds of dollars less than your refurbished stretcher?”

The main reason is simple as to why a used stretcher is less expensive than a (properly) refurbished stretcher: Time and Parts. Our technicians spend many hours on each stretcher during the refurbishing process. Here is a common breakdown of the time involved with a stretcher refurbished from Venture Medical:

  • Assessment of needed parts and materials: ½ hour

  • Disassembly, cleaning and Prep for Painting:  2-3 hours

  • Painting: ½ hour

  • Hydraulic Jack Rebuilding: 1 hour

  • Reassembly and finishing effects (labels, bumper strips, etc): 2 hours

  • Final Adjustments (brakes, hydraulic descend rate, etc): ½ hour

  • Quality Assurance: ½ hour

On average, every single stretcher has over 8 man hours of labor involved during the refurbishing process. Sometimes more, depending on the type of stretcher or any variable that may arise. This does not include the materials involved or parts that are replaced.

A used stretcher may have nothing more done to it that a quick check of condition and a wipe-down with cleaner. Obviously, the cost savings you are getting by purchasing a used stretcher directly translates into the famous idiom, “buying a pig in a poke.” That is, buying something without fully understanding it’s true value or worth, or in this case, condition. It might look fine on the outside in used condition, but underneath the hood may be a different story. This is where a truly refurbished stretcher takes out that guess work.

Stay tuned next when we finish up our series on refurbished stretchers by answering the question, “Can I just buy one of your stretchers as-is, un-refurbished?”.

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