Amsco Warming Cabinets

Amsco warming cabinets have been an industry standard for warming blankets and fluids for decades. The Amsco name is synonymous with quality medical products that are reliable, durable and have great longevity. Amsco was purchased by the Steris Corporation in 1996, so newer warming cabinets will be branded with the Steris name, instead of Amsco.

Amsco Warming Cabinets Overview

Amsco warming cabinets come in a variety of sizes. From countertop models for low volume warming of blankets or fluids only to full size cabinet models with separate top and bottom compartments, there is a model for almost any space or size requirement. Some versions of these blanket warmers were made with shallow cabinets for a smaller footprint to fit into smaller spaces. Recessed models were also manufactured by Amsco, so as the only part of the warmer that was visible to the user was the doors and front of the unit, completely recessing the majority of the unit behind a wall. All M-70 series warming cabinets have stainless steel doors. Non recessed models also have stainless steel side panels.

The Amsco M70 line of blanket warmers was one of the most popular lines ever manufactured. This series featured a tabletop version with a rotary knob that controlled temperature. The Amsco M70 also featured over-temperature alarms (visual and audible) and a heating indicator (visible). On full size models, the upper compartment of the Amsco M70 was the same as the tabletop version, but with a separate lower cabinet that was larger in size than the upper. This model could be a non-heated compartment which was for storage of supplies (blankets) only, or it could be a heated version which would maintain a constant 120 degree F temperature for warming of blankets only. Amsco also made steam heated warming cabinet versions of these units for use with a centralized boiler, usually in hospital applications.

Newer Amsco blanket warmers, specifically the QDJ series, come in similar sizes to their predecessors, yet have more modern features like a digital display for more accurate temperature regulation, and a sleeker, more modern design.

Amsco Warming Cabinet Models Include

Amsco M70 series, and the QDJ Series, which featured many models with various differences, including:

  • Amsco / Steris QDJ-01 and QDJ-03 tabletop warming cabinets, solid stainless steel doors
  • Amsco / Steris QDJ-02 and QDJ-04 full size warming cabinets, solid stainless steel doors

Other models were manufactured that featured glass paned doors for easy inspection of blankets and fluids in warmers without having to open the doors.

Amsco warming cabinets are easy to maintain and provide years of reliable use. Most Parts are readily available from Steris or other aftermarket parts suppliers. Other competitors with similar warming cabinets include Castle, Getinge, Blickman, Skytron and Pedigo.