Medical Warming Cabinets

Historically, warming cabinets were strictly used to warm things like towels and medical utensils.

But today’s warming cabinets are much more advanced. They have now been designed and manufactured to not only warm what is put in them, but they’ve also been designed to keep sterile fluids, surgical instruments, blankets, as well as patient linens at a comfortable temperature so they’re ready to use at a moment’s notice.

Medical Warming Cabinets Overview

Medical warming cabinets come in an array of shapes, sizes, styles, and prices.

Some of the models of warming cabinets come with extra features such as temperature confirmation LED lights, temperature lock-out for a consistent temperature keeper, both Celsius and Fahrenheit configurations for ease of worldwide use, digital data recording, a ready-to-use USB management port for instant data transferring, and glass doors for easy at-a-glance inventory control.

Medical warming cabinets also have added options such as freestanding or recessed installation, mobile or fixed-base models, single or dual compartment models, key-less or mechanical key required entry, flexible storage options, and are made with the strongest and most durable stainless steel available today.

Due to their important nature, rolling medical warming cabinets have been manufactured with heavy-duty, non-marking, thick rubber bumpers and up to ten feet of power cord length.

No matter what your needs are, today’s medical warming cabinets are designed with you in mind. With an array of features to fit your budget, medical warming cabinets are a great investment for any hospital or clinical setting.

Warming Cabinets Manufacturers

Warming cabinet manufacturers include Steris, Enthermics, Pedigo, MAC Medical, and Blickman.