MPD Mini Tower Anesthesia Cart Accessory Package: TTA-PK

Product Description:

MPD Mini Tower Anesthesia Cart Accessory Package: TTA-PK.  Anesthesia Mini Tower Package showed with MPT-630 Mini Tower Cart. Please Note: Cart is Not Included, Sold Separately.  See tab for details and more information.

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Quantity is one unless noted:

  • TSB-1: Sharps Bracket
  • TBS-1M: Basic Shelving Unit Mini
  • TWC-3: Waste Container (no top)
  • TAB-1: Accessory Bar Bracket
  • TMH-10: Tray with 4 Dividers, 10 Ampule Holders
  • TET-2: Two Expandable Trays, 3-1/4″ W x 9-15″ D x 2″ H
  • TET-1: Expandable Tray, 6″ W x 9-15″ D x 2″ H
  • TRY-4 Expandable Tray, 13-1/4″- 21-1/4″ W x 16″ D x 2-1/4″ H, 8 Compartments
  • TDV-5: Two Drawer Dividers, Kit, Fits 6″, 9″ and 12″ drawers. 11 1/2″ to 18″, Spring tension keeps adjustable dividers in place

Note: Cart and Sharps Container not included in the package.