Eschmann T30-M+ Operating Table (Mobile)

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The Eschmann T30-M+ Operating Table System design draws its strengths from the distinctive features of the current T20 range. Enhanced by its versatility and modularity, the T30 system is essentially two operating tables in one. The T30M (shown) offers the same features as the T30A except that T30M offers large casters allowing easy maneuverability with or without the patient on the table.  The manual 3-point brake system mimics the most popular trolley transfer systems.  The modular, interchangeable tabletop section design allows quick setup between cases and reduced manual handling. A range of 6 options designed to meet the most frequently used configurations and the ability to build a tailored system by selecting from a wide range of accessories makes the Eschmann T30-M+ Operating Table, the table of choice.

The Eschmann Philosophy:  Work closely with the people who matter the most – the surgical clinicians and operating theater professionals who use our world-class products.  This close cooperation allows us to develop a range of operating tables featuring a host of benefits that consistently exceed the exacting demands required in today’s surgery center environment.  In terms of quality and reliability, Eschmann operating tables are acknowledged as being second to none, the very best in medical engineering technology for over 100 years – our assurance for your complete confidence.

The T30 is available with a choice of 3 base types:

  • T30-m+ has large casters allowing easy maneuverability with or without the patient on the table
  • T30-mx+ offers an extra 100mm of height with all the same features as the T30-m+
  • T30-a+ offers a lower, more traditional profile with a smaller footprint

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  • Modular, interchangeable tabletop sections allow easy configuration for all surgical procedures
  • A range of six options designed to meet the most frequently used configurations – general, orthopedic, and specialist procedures
  • The ability to build a custom-made system by selecting from a wide range of additional accessories
  • A unique orthopedic docking cart that facilitates rapid and secure table set-up
  • A superior range of table movements easily controlled via the hand control
  • Optional table bases for enhanced maneuverability to accommodate a range of theatre environments
  • Lightweight, superior-quality mattresses that span the table break for improved patient comfort
  • Pressure-relieving viscoelastic foam, which molds to the contours of the patient’s body for improved support


  • A battery management system with a backup battery and independent built-in override maximizes performance
  • A robust corded handset with battery level indication
  • Unique Eschmann software that delivers smooth and accurate table movements
  • Easy to clean impact resistant covers prevent fluid ingress, minimize infection control risk
  • A new range of lightweight orthopedic accessories for DHS, Tibial, and Femoral Nailing
  • A new compact, space-saving accessory trolley allows accessories to be easily maneuvered to the operating table and reduces clutter in the busy corridor environment
  • The T30+ system is compatible with all existing ‘T’ series table accessories, saving money and reducing set-up time between procedures


  • Large Casters allow easy maneuverability
  • Manual 3-point brake system
  • Mimics trolley transfer systems
  • Slightly higher, less traditional profile with a larger footprint

Orthopedic Procedures:

  • Smooth height adjustment of the table, coupled with the removable head, hip, and pre-op leg sections, allows for optimal patient positioning
  • Further adjustment of the patient’s non-operative leg can be achieved by using the Direct Placement Leg Holder
  • Pre and postoperative leg supports offer ultimate comfort, safety, and optimized patient positioning
  • The Head section may be removed to allow maximum access and comfort for the anesthetist
  • Removal of the hip sections along with height adjustment of the operating table allows for anterior, posterior, and lateral imaging
  • Orthopedic Accessory Trolley and Docking Cart: allows for seamless conversion from general surgical to orthopedic table tops with a compact accessory trolley to store all major accessories The most compact and space-saving orthopedic accessory trolley on the market
  • Unique docking cart enables rapid table set-up and reduces manual handling

Retrograde Femoral Nailing:

  • The T30+ interchangeable tabletop sections offer superior anterior, posterior, and lateral imaging access
  • The head section is removable, achieving greater access for the anesthetist
  • Accessories for Lateral Femoral Nailing are also available (not illustrated) offering a variation in positioning

Tibial Nailing:

  • The adjustable Tibial Nailing attachment allows for height and vertical positioning of the patient’s leg
  • Superior imaging access is achieved for anterior, posterior, and lateral imaging
  • Orthopedic traction boots or an inline insulated traction bracket for use with an attraction stirrup can be attached to the traction accessories
  • The head section is removable to aid anesthetists’ access


  • The T30+ powered shoulder positioner features a unique set of removable side rests for superior and excellent access to patients of all sizes


  • Prone position for laminectomy, using support pads and optional gel pads for clear access for anterior, posterior, and lateral imaging
  • The table height is adjustable for full C-arm access

Orthopedic Accessory Trolley and Docking Cart:

  • The T30+ Docking Cart allows for seamless conversion from general surgical to orthopedic table tops with a compact accessory trolley to store all major accessories
  • The most compact and space-saving orthopedic accessory trolley on the market
  • Unique docking cart enables rapid table set-up and reduces manual handling

General Surgical:

  • General surgical tabletop options 3-6 offer interchangeable versatility to accommodate all general and specialist surgical procedures
  • Combined with an extensive range of accessories, the T30+ system can be customized to suit individual surgeon and theatre requirements
  • Supine position with adjustable cot sides for patient security
  • Reverse Trendelenburg with footrest/ extension and gel strap Left lateral position over the tabletop flexion/extension
  • Lawnchair position with gel pad
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Positioning for bariatric surgery using bariatric Direct Placement Leg Holders and bariatric Thigh Straps


  • Supine position, removal of the head section is optional
  • The x-ray cassette tunnel is accessible from either end, and  the infill section aids imaging access
  • Patient positioning for maximum C-arm imaging access
  • Standard configuration using the infill section to aid imaging access at the foot end of the table


  • A full range of neurosurgical accessories complement the T30+ system, aiding supine and prone positioning
  • By replacing the head section with a neurosurgical accessory, optimal positioning, and excellent access can be achieved

Ophthalmic & ENT:

  • Supine positioning for ophthalmic procedures can be achieved using the five-section general surgical top (option 4)
  • The addition of an ophthalmic headrest positioned in the infill section allows the surgeon to gain complete access to the patient’s head

Urology and Gynecology:

  • The versatility of the T30+ system allows for positioning for Urological and Gynecological procedures
  • By utilizing the four or 5-section table top with additional accessories, patients can be easily and comfortably positioned while allowing easy access for the surgeon and anesthetist
  • The T30+ table is configured using the general surgical short trunk section for lithotomic positioning
  • Easy pre-operative positioning is achieved by attaching the lightweight leg section to the foot end of the table
  • The patient’s legs are positioned safely and comfortably in the direct placement of leg holders.
  • Max height (with 3″ mattress) 44.1″
  • Min height (with 3″ mattress) 28.3″
  • Width (across sidebars) 23.6″
  • Tabletop width up to 31.5″ with width extender for obese patients
  • Max Trendelenburg 35°
  • Max reverse Trendelenburg 35°
  • Max lateral tilt +/- 18°
  • Max flexion 90°
  • Max extension 230°
  • Head section adjustment +/- 45°
  • Leg section adjustment -100° +55°
  • Tabletop lengths 84.1 and 74.2 without infill section
  • Maximum patient weight 990 lbs.

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