Riester e-xam Diagnostic Pen-Light

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Product Description:

Riester e-xam Diagnostic pen-light.  This diagnostic pen-light is a Photo-biologically validated high-performance pen-light for medical diagnosis of throat and pupil.  Available with LED or Xenon illumination.  See tabs for more information.  Call for pricing.

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  • Photobiologically validated for the lighting of pupils according to EN 62471:2008
  • Pre-focused and even field of light
  • Bright and natural white light by high-performance LED
  • LED burns at least 20.000 hours
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to long LED and battery service lives
  • ABS casing with metal clip, disinfectable
  • Easy to use with an on/off switch
  • Including blade holder, batteries, and nylon case
  • Designed for durability, comes with a 2-year warranty including LED
  • E-xam LED 2.5 V
  • 5.000-5.500 Kelvin
  • 180.000 Lux max
  • Field of Light: approx. 11 cm diameter
    (distance 15 cm)
  • E-xam Xenon 2.5 V
  • 3.500-4.000 Kelvin
  • 60.000 Lux max
  • Field of Light: approx. 14 cm diameter
    (distance 15 cm)

Options  Are Sold Separately:

  • Black, XL 2.5 V, with tongue blade holder: 5130-01
  • White, XL 2.5 V, with tongue blade holder: 5130-02
  • Black, LED 2.5 V, with tongue blade holder: 5131-01
  • White, LED 2.5 V, with tongue blade holder: 5131-02
  • Batteries: 2 x Alkaline AA, 1,5 V
    2,5 V LED for exam
  • No. 12320, pack of 1 XL 2.5 V Xenon bulb for exam
    No. 11178, pack of 6