Surgical Lights

Surgical lights are an important part of any hospital or clinical setting. If the surgeon can’t see correctly and efficiently then there is room for accidents to occur.

Surgical Lights Overview

When choosing a surgical light for the clinical practice, MRI room, or medical institute, you’ll want to choose one where the bulbs are bright and the arm is very maneuverable so that you will have no problems positioning the light exactly where you want it.

Today’s surgical lights now come in both halogen and super-bright LED bulb options and are found in MRI rooms, emergency clinics, surgical suits, and trauma centers – just to name a few.

Also, the amount of light that today’s surgical lights give off is arguably much more than in prior years.

LED Surgical Lights Features

With the addition of the LED bulbs, the brightness component is virtually unmatchable. While traditionally more expensive, LED bulbs make everything super bright – the colors are so keenly visible that they make diagnosing and repairing much easier.

LED bulbs don’t get as hot as the older bulbs and they use up to ⅔ less energy than the halogen bulbs. The life of LED’s is virtually unsurpassable, with a life of up to 30,000 hours, replacing the LED bulbs on surgical lights will be the last thing on your mind.

Halogen Surgical Lights

While LED surgical lights are a newer technology, halogen surgical lights will often provide a higher intensity for the money than comparable LED options.

Today’s surgical light models come equipped with removable handles for easy sterilization, mobile or mountable base options, locking caster wheels, configurable multi-arm suspension, available HD monitor attachments, extra-long arm reaches, superior optics, and fiber-optic cabling.

Surgical light models have never been as technologically advanced as they are today. There is a model to fit all of your medical or clinical needs.

Surgical Light Manufacturers

Surgical light manufacturers include: Amsco and more.