Maquet 1130.02 Surgery Table | Refurbished

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Maquet 1130.02 Surgery Table | Refurbished. The Maquet 1130.02 surgery table is a modern surgical table with a 500 lb weight capacity (in normal position).  This Maquet Surgery Table features include Wired Hand Control, Battery Operation, and C-Arm Table Top compatibility.

The Maquet 1130.02 Also Features: Mechanical Floor Locks, and new Pads, and has been Rigorously and Completely Refurbished.  The Maquet 1130.02 surgical table is a multi-purpose operating table and a great choice for almost any surgical setting.  See tabs for more information.

At Venture Medical, we offer only the Best Quality New and Completely Refurbished Operating Tables – Priced to Fit Your Budget!

Like to know more about Operating Tables?  Simply click to view Operating Tables in Venture Medical’s Equipment Knowledge Center.

  • C-Arm Compatible Table Top
  • Wired Hand Control
  • 500 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Battery Operation
  • Mechanical Floor Locks
  • North American Side Rails For Accessories
    • Completely Refurbished
    • Comprehensive Warranty

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