Drive Vacu-Aide® Suction Unit w/Internal rechargeable battery: 7305P-D-EXF

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Drive Vacu-Aide® Suction Unit w/Internal rechargeable battery: 7305P-D-EXF.  DeVilbiss has delivered the best portable suction options for over twenty years. The DeVilbiss 7305 Series Homecare Suction Unit meets suction and capacity requirements in a small, lightweight design.

The DeVilbiss 7305 Series Homecare Suction Unit is a compact medical suctioning device for reliable, portable operation.  Because of the small size, lightweight, and DC operation, the DeVilbiss 7305 Suction Unit is ideal for providing suction in the home or on the go with the DC cord. The 7305D series (without an internal rechargeable battery) is also available. Two options are the 800 ml disposable container and the optional long-term reusable 1,200 ml container.  See tabs for more information.

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  • High Performance – Vacuum adjustments allow for 80-550 mm Hg and a free flow of 27 LPM
  • Adjustable Flow Regulator – Easy-to-turn knob conveniently placed directly below gauge for easy use and control. The knob has a safety lock feature that will not allow the knob to be twisted off
  • Increased Battery Capabilities – For use up to one hour. Provides the patient with added security when needed most
  • Low battery and charge indicator lights on the portable unit (7305P-D)
  • The Homecare Suction Unit 7305P series meets the RTCA/DO160D Aircraft Standard as well as the ISO-10079.1:1999 Suction Standard
  • The high flow capabilities (27 LPM) of the HomeCare Suction Unit can return a patient to a state of comfort quickly
  • Dimensions 9”.x 7.0 “x 8.0” (22.9 cm x 17.8 cm x 20.3 cm)
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs (2.9 kg)
  • Electrical Requirements: 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz .75 A max; 12 V DC, 33 W max
  • Battery: Series Internal Rechargeable Battery Factory Equipped
  • Vacuum Range: 80 to 550 mm Hg
  • Hg Air Flow @ pump inlet: 27 LPM (free flow) typical (maybe less when running from internal battery)
  • Disposable Container Capacity: 800 ml (cc)
  • Reusable Container Bottle Capacity: Optional 1,200 ml (cc)
  • Warranty: Two-years limited, excluding internal battery and container
  • Internal Battery Warranty: 90-day
  • Approvals IEC 601-1; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 601.1-M90; UL 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2
  • 7305P meets RTCA/DO & 160D Approvals DO-160D – section 21 Category M, ISO-10079.1:1999

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • Drive Vacu-Aide® Suction Unit: 7305D-D-EXF   (click to view)
  • 7305D-606 Carrying Case
  • 7304D-619 12V DC power cord (1 each)
  • 7305P-613 AC to DC adapter/charger
  • 099HD-614 Hospital-grade power cord (120 VAC)
  • 6710D-609 Power cord for the US

Disposable Container Kits and Parts:

  • 7305D-603 External Filter Disposable Container Complete Kit (800 ml disposable container, bacteria filter, elbow, 3-3/8” and 6’ tubing)
  • 7305D-602 External Filter Disposable Container (48 pack) (container and lid)
  • 7305D-633 Collection Container Kit (800 ml disposable container, filter cartridge, 4-3/8” and 6’ tubing package)
  • 7305D-632 800 ml disposable container with filter cartridge and 4-3/8” tubing (48 each)
  • 7305D-635 Filter cartridge (12 pack) (For Disposable Container)
  • 7305D-608 External filter (12 pack) 6305D-611 6’ Patient Tubing (container and lid)

Reusable Container Kits and Parts:

  • 7314D-603 Collection Container Kit (1200 ml reusable container, bacteria filter, elbow, 3-3/8” tubing)
  • 7314D-604 1200 ml reusable container (bacteria filter, elbow, 3-3/8” tubing) (6 pack)
  • 7305D-608 External filter (12 pack)