Medical Illumination LED MI-750 Wall Mount: XLDP-WM

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Medical Illumination LED MI-750 Wall Mount: XLDP-WM MI-750 Series. The MI-750 Series is the perfect light for minor procedures and examinations in smaller spaces.   Our newest minor surgery/procedure light, the MI-750 features exceptional quality, energy-efficient operation, and cool, bright output.

MI-750 LED Wall Mount Model Features: Medical Illumination MI-750 provides a white, bright light from multiple LED spots, thus enabling excellent shadow control and an improved level of tissue rendition for your exams or minor procedures. With a variety of mounting options, the MI-750 is unquestionably the best value available for those seeking the latest technology in medical lighting. The MI-750 Series is available in a variety of models.  See tabs for more information.

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  • Wall Mount Model: MI750-WM
  • Very low heat
  • Output rated at 50,000 LUX at 39.4″ (1 meter) distance
  • 4,300 degrees Kelvin color temperature
  • High efficiency with half the electric consumption of standard halogen lights
  • Three-stage dimming and on/off switch controlled from a unique sterilizable handle
  • Long-life LED’s, rated at 50,000 hours
  • No replacement bulbs
  • Lower overall maintenance costs

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Specifications for MI 550/750/1000 (click to view)

Note: For MI-LMedical Illumination LED MI-750 Single Ceiling: XLDP-SCED Series Brochure, click below to view a variety of mounting options.

Medical Illumination MI-Series Brochure

MI-750 Model Options Sold Separately:

  • MI-750 Single Ceiling: XLDP-SC
  • MI-750 Portable: XLDP-FM
  • MI-750 Dual Ceiling: XLDP-DC