Medical Illumination Dual Trolley ChuttleTrak: CCT-DTM

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Always striving to create exciting new products for the medical field, Medical Illumination Dual Trolley ChuttleTrak CCT-DTM has infused this excellent line of lighting equipment with state-of-the-art components!

The ChuttleTrak provides the perfect addition to any MI Series, LED series, or 21st Century Series ceiling-mounted light(s) that require extended overhead coverage. With 5 feet (152 cm) of travel, the total extended arm coverage is up to 14 feet (427 cm). It is available in single or dual-trolley models, and each trolley can accommodate a single or dual head light.   Available in single or dual-trolley models, each trolley can accommodate a single or dual headlight.  Model Number: CCT-DTM.  Lights are not included, sold separately.

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  • 70″ (178cm) track length, providing 60″ of travel with smooth-moving trolley(s)
  • High gloss white finish with pebble white trim parts
  • Aesthetically matched to all 21st Century model lights (Centurion, Centura, & Centry)
  • An unparalleled value in ceiling tracks
  • Weight: Dual Trolley Model Approximately 48.0 lbs
  • Dimensions: 72″L x 10 1/2″W x 5″H
  • Power Cable exiting the track can be connected to 115/120 VAC 60Hz or 230/240 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz power
  • The Power Supply routed to the track must be a 3-wire grounded type capable of supplying 1400 Watts at 12 Amperes

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