Birkova Gel Head Donut Pads

Product Description:

Birkova Gel Head Donut Pads.  Gel Head Donut Pad features include high-quality viscoelastic polymer gel that provides anti-sheer protection and ultimate comfort in patient positioning. X-Large Gel Head Donut is shown.  All Kova Gel™ positioners are latex-free.

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  • High-quality viscoelastic polymer gel
  • Anti-sheer protection
  • Ultimate comfort in patient positioning
  • Latex Free
  • Warranty

Available Options Sold Separately:

  • GP-1580, X-Large Gel Head Donut Pad (shown), 8″dia x 3″h x 3.1″deep
  • GP-1500, Adult Gel Head Donut Pad, 8″dia x 1.75h” x 3.1″deep
  • GP-1600, Child Gel Head Donut Pad, 6″dia x 1.5″h x 2.25″deep
  • GP-1650, Infant Gel Head Donut Pad, 3.5″dia x 1″h x 1.5″deep