Stretcher Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of stretchers. Here are a select list of popular stretcher manufacturers today.

Hill-Rom Stretchers

Hill-Rom’s stretcher line includes: Electric Stretcher, OB/GYN Stretcher, Procedural Stretcher, Surgical Stretcher, Transport Stretcher, Trauma Stretcher, and Transfer Chair. Learn more about Hill-Rom Stretchers

Midmark Stretchers

Midmark’s stretcher line includes: Pediatric Stretcher, General Stretcher, Recovery Stretcher, Pacu Stretcher, Procedural Stretcher, Transportation Stretcher. Learn more about Midmark Stretchers

Pedigo Stretchers

Pedigo’s stretcher line includes: Transport Stretcher, Crib Stretcher, Universal Procedure Stretcher, Surgical Lounge Stretcher, and Trauma Transport Stretcher.

Stryker Stretchers

Stryker’s stretcher line includes: Pediatric Crib, Eye Surgery Stretcher, OB/GYN Stretcher, Stretcher Chair and Eye Chair, Fluoroscopy Stretcher, Chair Stretcher, Transport Stretcher, and Trauma Stretcher. Learn more about Stryker Stretcher

Wy’East Stretchers

Wy’East’s stretcher line includes: Transfer Chair and Treatment Chair.


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