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Looking to purchase a new or refurbished operating table? Our catalog of surgical tables provides a number of high quality and reliable options at an affordable price.

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An operating table, or surgical table, is a special medical table for performing medical procedures in hospitals or medical settings.

There are numerous models of operating tables available on the market today. All are designed with accompanying moving parts suitable for specific operations.

Some operating table models will include such movements as height adjustment, lateral tilt, and trendelenburg that can be adjusted using either a hand control, foot pedal, or a combination of both.

Patient weight capacities are vary by model. Options for weight limits range from 300 lbs to 1000 lbs. (Bariatric Tables).

Many surgical tables also come with the added option to allow imaging without having to move the patient to another table. Many procedures require this feature, but not all. Even if you need it for a limited amount of cases, you will most likely need this option.

These tables range in price from affordable manual models to technologically advanced models.

You can purchase brand new operating tables as well as refurbished models. Specific parts and accessories are also offered for replacement options.

With such a wide variety of surgery table manufacturers available on the market today, contact us for more information. We want you to purchase the table that suits your needs and within your budget.