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Doing Business with Venture – Simplified!

  1. Always Obtain a Quote When Quoting Refurbished Equipment
  2. Ways to Obtain a Quote:

    • Go Mckesson Web Portal:
      • password: McKesson
    • Email
      • [email protected]
      • (Must Include Qty., Zip Code, Floor Level, Liftgate or White Glove, see shipping flyer
    • Phone
      • 800-672-3215

    Key Points to Know About Yuor Quote:

    • Read Your Quote!
    • Your Quote comes in:
      • PDF (our cost to YOU)
      • WORD document (to add your margin to it)
    • Items Details
    • Warranty
    • Shipping Method
    • Lead Time
    • Photo Reference
  3. Questions to Ask
    • Need Installation? (Surgical Lights, Sterilizer, etc.)
    • What Equipment is needed for specialty/procedure specific
    • Are you interested in Turn Key Service?
    • Can I register my lead? How does it work?
  4. Information to Share with Venture
    • What is your Customers time frame to receive the equipment?
    • Any inspection Dates?(80% inspection, OC inspections, etc.)
    • Is your customer Brand specific?
    • Any additional information you feel is helpful

LTL (Less Than Truckload) vs. White Glove

LTL (Less Than Truckload) is the standard shipping method we use for larger items. This method takes less transit time and can be more cost effective. There are a couple of options you can choose to add with LTL such as: Liftgate and Call Ahead.

Liftgate is for customers who do not have a raised loading dock to receive shipments. The carrier will lower the shipment to the ground. The customer is then responsible for removing the item from the packaging/pallet/crate that the item is delivered in, as well as, bringing the item into the facility.

Call Ahead is for customers who would like the carrier to call prior to delivery. The carrier will typically call when the customer is the next stop. That can vary from 30 min to 2 hours. Appointment setting is available for an additional fee.

(The carrier will remove the debris, including pallet, so that the customer does not have to.)

This option (LTL) does require the customer to do some light lifting and may require simple tools (such as a screwdriver, box cutter, scissors, etc.) for removing the item from the pallet. If your customer does not have the option to do that then we must use and alternate transit method.

White Glove is a premium shipping method. With this shipping method, the customer does not have to do any of the package removal or heavy lifting to remove item from a pallet. The carrier will deliver the item and bring it into the facility to be placed where the customer would like it to go, whether it be an exam room, operating room or simply in the lobby. Note: it does have a higher cost and longer transit time.

Speak with your Venture Medical Sales Rep for more information on how we ship each item to determine the best shipping method for your customer, as it may vary.
Type of Shipping Method MUST be specified at the time of ordering.

Professionally Refurbished?

  1. Refurbished and professionally refurbished are the same thing, aren’t they?
  2. Answer: False

    Wit h Venture Medical, we refurbish equipment the way you would expect. We disassemble all equipment and star t the process from the ground up (or ceiling down, with surgery lights). We thoroughly mechanically and c osmetically refurbished each item that leaves our facility.

  3. Will my product be cosmetically and operationally the way I would expect them?
  4. Our team of refurbishers and biomedical technicians are dedicated to producing a product that not only we take pride in, but you can, too. Our refurbishers are meticulous in the process of refurbishing the equipment cosmetically. We have standardized our procedures for refurbishing so that all items are placed through the same rigorous routines and the final product is up to our standards. Our biomedical technicians thoroughly inspect and test each piece of equipment and replace any worn or defective parts. Our biomedical technicians and refurbishers combine to make a team that produces some of the best refurbished equipment available today.

  5. What about customer service? Will I get voicemail everytime I call with an issue or question?
  6. have a team of sales and customer service representatives that are at your service each and every busi ness day. Our biomedical technicians are also available to speak with you at anytime for more technical que stions. We pride ourselves on our customer service and your confidence in our team to take care of you no matter what you may need.

  7. Warranty…what about warranty?
  8. We warranty all of our professionally refurbished equipment. We have great confidence in our equipment and its ability to provide you with dependable service for far longer than the warranty period. No company can guarantee that their equipment will not fail at some point, and if they do they are not being realistic of the nature of the equipment industry. We will, however, guarantee that we will provide you with full support and parts in the case that your equipment does fail. We want your future business, as well as today’s. We will not leave your side if everything does not go as planned.